Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions (Applecross only)

We use premium quality faux silk lashes (35% lighter then classic synthetic lashes) and low fume medical grade adhesives from leading lash brands. Each Lashing is customised to your lash health, eye shape and lash line. Our experienced lash technician is trained in volume and classic lash techniques and can create a look unique to you.


Chiffon Half set (1 hr) $99

Petite and alluring  a natural teaser into the world of lashing focusing on the outer half of your lash line (approx. 40% lash coverage)

Silk Classic Set (90 mins) $160

A single silk lash is applied one by one to your natural lashes covering 80-90% or your natural lashes.

Plush Hybrid set ( 105 mins) $180

The best of both worlds a perfect mix of Classic and Volume Techniques giving length, volume and texture.

Velour Light Volume set (2hrs 15 mins)  $225

Perfectly applied luscious Volume allows us to apply multiple lashes in a handmade bouquet to one isolated natural lash. This is great for filling in a sparse lash lines or giving more definition and thickness to your natural lashes.

Velour Deluxe Volume set (2.5- 3 hrs) starting at $260

Lavish dark and inviting for those wanting the ultimate Volume lash look, perfectly tailored for you. With more time we can cover a higher percentage of lashes creating a fuller lash look.

Lash Rehab

If your extensions are sore, irritating or frustrating they need to be removed. Lash extensions should be applied as such that they do no irritate your eyes or compromise the health of your natural lashes. Our expert technician has been extensively trained through multiple lash companies and will recommend a length/volume combination. If you have been to another salon and are unhappy with your extensions, sore or irritated, pop in for a Lash Rehab session. Your extensions will be removed, and a Treatment plan will be devised to nurse back your lash health. Comes with a 3-month supply of Eye Envy Lash serum (valued at $145).


To have your lashes refilled, at least 40% of your lashes must be remaining, within 4 weeks of your last appointment. We recommend getting a lash refill every 3-4 weeks to maintain the integrity of your lashes. If less than 30% of your lashes are remaining at the time of refill, it will be classified as a full set application.

Classic Refills

Express Refill 30 mins – $60 (must be within 7-10 days of last appointment)
Petite Refill 45 mins – $75
Standard Refill 60 mins – $99
Extended Refill 75 mins – $125

Plush Hybrid Refills

Petite Refill 45 mins – $85
Standard Refill 60 mins – $110
Extended Refill 75 mins – $130

Velour Volume Refills

Petite refill 60 mins –  99
Standard refill 75 mins – $125
Extended Refill 90 mins – $150


To reward our clients for their loyalty to us and to the maintenance of their stunning new lashes, the fifth consecutive refill appointment is ½ price*. T&C Apply.

New Lash Clients

If you have had your lashes done elsewhere we require a photo of your lashes to check the health of your natural lashes and quality of work. In some cases, a removal and new set may need to be applied. We offer a free removal with every new set.


  • Do not wet your lashes for 24 hours after application
  • Clean your lashes daily with a formulated lash cleanser to keep the lash line clean and extend lash wear.
  • Do not use any oil-based products on your lashes as this disintegrates the adhesive and shortens the life span of your lashes.
  • Do not use mascara or apply false lashes.
  • Brush your lashes daily with your lash wand
  • Call our lash technician immediately if any itching, swelling or redness occurs.
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