Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions (Applecross only)

They say our eyes are the windows to our soul. Our high quality synthetic lashes are so light weight that they are the perfect match to help enhance, lengthen & add volume to your natural lashes without wearing mascara. Here at Artistic Visions Applecross, rest assured that we only source the highest quality lashes & low irritant medical grade adhesive.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions involve semi-permanent attachment of silk lashes to your natural lashes. Silk lashes can be attached in single lashes (Classic set) or in clusters of 2-3 (Natural Volume set) or 4-6 (Full Volume set). Hybrid sets are a combination of Classic and Volume sets customised to your liking. Clusters or “fans” are custom made by the technician during your appointment, to protect your natural lashes and ensure the highest quality final result.

Your Appointment

Please arrive at your appointment with no makeup on your eyes. If you haven’t had lash extensions before, please carefully read the below descriptions, and bring a long a photo of lashes if you like. Our lash technician will work with your natural lashes to achieve your desired look without overloading them or compromising their health.


Classic Lashes

For those wanting the natural look without looking dramatic, single extensions are placed directly on to your natural lash to mimic the natural curvature of your natural lashes. Our well trained lash specialist will be able to assist in determining the perfect length & thickness appropriate to your eyes to ensure your natural lashes are well looked after.  Allow 90 mins 160
Eyelash Refills – per week* 25


The best of both worlds. A mixture of fluffy silk volume fans and classic single lashes. Perfect for those wanting to try volume and add a little texture. Allow 110mins 180
Eyelash Refills – per week* 35

Natural Volume (2D-3D)

These volume lashes are perfect for someone wanting to add fullness and to accentuate their eyes. 2-3 ultra-fine silk lashes are expertly applied to create soft light volume. Allow 120mins 200
Eyelash Refills – per week* 42

Full Volume (4D-6D)

This lash effect is best for those wanting a fuller, darker & slightly dramatic set of semi-permanent lashes. This specific lash application uses very fine silk lashes. Each natural lash can hold anywhere between 4-6 lashes to create this 3, 4 & 5D Volume lashing effect and still allow for that weightless, soft and fluffy feel.  Allow 150-180mins depending on thickness required. From 250
Eyelash Refills – per week* 42


To reward our clients for their loyalty to us and to the maintenance of their stunning new lashes, the fifth consecutive refill appointment is ½ price*. T&C Apply.


To qualify for a refill, there must be 50% of lashes remaining at time of refill. Refill appointments must be booked a maximum of four weeks after your last appointment. If appointments do not meet this criteria, they will be classified as “Full Sets” and charged accordingly.

*Price based on refills every 3 weeks. Your lash technician recommends refills every 3-4 weeks for best results.


  • During your appointment, your lash technician will inform you of the aftercare required for your lash extensions.
  • Do not wet your lashes for 24 hours after application, and always avoid wetting your eyelashes directly (eg, in the shower).
  • Do not use oil based products on your lashes, including cleanser and makeup remover.
  • Do not use mascara, apply false lashes or tint your lashes. If you feel your natural lashes will need tinting, please inform our lash technician when booking your appointment. She will advise you to book in for a lash tint 3 days prior to your lash extension appointment.
  • Brush your lashes with your lash wand at least once a day.
  • Avoid physically manipulating your lashes – this includes eyelash curling, rubbing eyes and pulling at lashes.
  • Call our lash technician immediately if any itching, swelling or redness occurs.


Existing Lashes

If you currently have lashes on that were not applied by our beauty therapist, we request a photo of your lashes as they are currently, and may request to remove them before applying your new set  –  Lash removal $30

Lash Rehab

If your extensions are sore, irritating or frustrating, they need to be removed. Lash extensions should be applied such that they do not irritate your eyes in any way, or compromise the health of your natural lashes. Our expert technician has been extensively trained as Lash Sublime, and will recommend a length/volume combination that will not damage your lashes. If you have been to another salon and are unhappy with your extensions, sore or irritated at all, or feel that your natural lashes have been damaged, pop in for a Lash Rehab session. Your extensions will be removed, and a comprehensive treatment plan will be devised to nurse your natural lashes back to health. Comes with a 3 months’ supply of LiLash lash growth serum – $145


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